HAIM Begrudgingly Return For Another Helping Of ‘Sound Advice’

HAIM‘s debut album, Days Are Gone, was one of the biggest smashes of 2013. Now that they’re big stars and pal around with Taylor Swift, it’s probably best that they stay grounded as they work on their sophomore LP. Luckily, they got a chance to sit down again with media coach Janessa Slater, also known as Vanessa Bayer, for another round of Sound Advice.

Now that everyone is familiar with each other, Janessa can ask the tough questions, like how they can tour so much and keep their job at Urban Outfitters. (For what it’s worth, the girls are at least Topshop employees.) While HAIM dropped a hint or two of what their next album will be like in the clip, we can only hope that their time spent with Morris Day and the HAIM will rub off on them in the studio. We’re always down for more “Jungle Love.”

(Via Above Average)