Halsey Feels ‘Alone’ At A Flashy Party In Her New Video Featuring Big Sean And Stefflon Don

04.06.18 12 months ago

Halsey released her second album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, nearly a year ago now, but last month, she breathed new life into the record by sharing a remixed version of “Alone,” featuring the talents of Big Sean and Stefflon Don. Now the song has a new video, and in it, Halsey tries her best to deal with some pain related to a former flame.

In the video, co-directed by Hannah Lux Davis and Halsey, Halsey finds herself at an opulent party and is pre-occuppied by the presence of her ex, who she sees with another woman. From there, she seeks ways to distract herself, and ultimately finds a way to have a good time regardless of the situation. Since the video is for the remixed version of the song, we also get appearances from Big Sean and Stefflon Don.

Halsey previously explained the song’s meaning in a video on Twitter from when the album came out in June 2017, comparing it to The Great Gatsby and saying it’s a companion to fellow Hopeless Fountain Kingdom song “Heaven In Hiding”:

“‘Alone’ is kind of like this [The Great] Gatsby vibe: This person, this social butterfly, set within the masquerade party at the Capulet house in Romeo And Juliet. It is one person’s perspective, and ‘Heaven In Hiding’ is another perspective of the same party. So ‘Alone’ and ‘Heaven In Hiding’ are two characters experiencing the same party in two different ways, which I thought was really interesting, to give the same experience but from two different perspectives.”

Watch the video for “Alone” above, and revisit our review of Hopeless Fountain Kingdom here.

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