Halsey Shared A Gorgeous, Minimalist Cover Of Frank Ocean’s ‘Solo’

Halsey has had a massive 2019. After — how great — a cameo in the Academy Award-nominated film A Star Is Born, Halsey reached no. 1 on the Billboard charts with “Without Me,” musical guested on SNL, and featured on a BTS song. With all of this happening before the release of her next album, it’d be enough to send anyone dizzy.

But Halsey’s fans keep her grounded. Ahead of her next world tour, the singer-songwriter has shared a video of stitched-together moments from her last tour. The video is an intimate portrait of Halsey alone (or as alone as you can ever be as a pop star), and it’s got some neat shots of crowds from her perspective onstage. But the best part of the video is the song that unites it all together — a beautiful, muted cover of Frank Ocean’s “Solo.”

“Solo,” off Ocean’s 2016 album Blonde, is a contemplative song about being alone in all its various forms. Quite literally, Halsey is never really alone in the video — she’s always surrounded by friends, fans, and tour staff — but the song has special meaning to her. “I sang this song to myself in the dressing room every day on the last tour,” Halsey wrote on Twitter, “And it still fills me with the feeling of home.”

Listen to Halsey’s cover of “Solo” in the video above.