Halsey Surveys The Aftermath Of An Explosion In The Powerful Video For ‘Sorry’

Halsey’s latest effort Hopeless Fountain Kingdom proved that she was a staying force in the modern pop world, and now she’s shared the official video for the one of the album’s quieter tracks, “Sorry.” Directed by Halsey with Sing Lee, the single-shot video shows the pop star sporting a nasty head wound and surveying the area of what appears to be the aftermath of an explosion, stepping over bodies lying on the ground and peering into blown-out cars.

For a quieter song like “Sorry”, a provocative visual element depicting tragedy induced by unpredictable and unspecified violence certainly adds another layer to the story Halsey is trying to tell. “This video is a continuation of the hopeless fountain kingdom narrative and something to hold you over until my next single,” Halsey said in a statement. “It’s a song that is very important to me and I wanted it to have its own moment, but a moment that would be intimate that you could watch and cry and reflect from your own bedrooms, secluded from the grasp of the radio waves.” Check it out above.

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