North Carolina Based Producer Hanz Shares The Miasmic Hip-Hop Collage Of ‘King Speed’

12.11.17 4 months ago

North Carolina based producer Hanz (aka Brandon Juhans) has shared “King Speed.” You can hear the song above.

The song, influenced by William S. Burroughs’ cut-up technique, is a slow burning set of shifting textures, like a low hanging cloud of samples. The sharp hits of the drum beat are the only thing that cut through the dense sonic collage, and the occasional cut up vocals that pan from the right channel to the left. Three quarters of the way through the tune things change up, as a noisy, static filled beat comes to the fore and brings with it a host of unmoored sounds and samples.

“King Speed” follows the track, “Page,” shared last month. Both are set to appear on Hanz’s upcoming EP, Plasty I.

Plasty I is the first of two EP releases, which will see an album’s worth of material released over two 12-inches. The second part will follow in Spring 2018 with more details TBA.

Plasty I follows Hanz’ 2014 Tri Angle Records debut, Reducer. Previously, Hanz has self-released a number of singles and albums via his Bandcamp page. He’s also remixed songs by The Pop Group and Alt-J.

Plasty I is out via Tri Angle Records on 01/19

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