Harry Styles Shared Some Honest And Reasonable Thoughts On Brexit

Harry Styles’ first solo album since leaving One Direction, and his first solo tour on the heels of that album’s release, has been the source of a bevy of news stories that mostly focus on the lyrics of his new songs or what he chooses to perform on Saturday Night Live. While the album is at the very least a solid solo debut, it’s also important for Harry to set himself apart from his former bandmates with his opinions and public persona. Writing lyrics about former romances and answering questions about that choice is one thing, but speaking openly and honestly about political issues is also a surefire way to break out of the boy band mold and solidify his individuality.

Which is exactly what Styles did during a recent tour stop, where he shared his thoughts on Brexit. In an interview with The Sunday Times, he was asked about the controversial vote that decided Britain’s separation from the rest of the European Union. His answer was cogent and well-thought through.

“Honestly, I’m probably going to vote for whoever is against Brexit. I’m not educated enough on the subject to really go toe-to-toe with someone about it, but disregarding the economic stuff and all of that, I think what it symbolizes is the opposite of the world I would like to be in. I think the world should be more about being together and being better together and joining together, and I think it’s the opposite of that.”

It’s a response that is both thought out and well put, without being overly controversial on the matter. What stands out the most in that answer is that Styles is willing to admit what he doesn’t know, and declines to speak to the tricky economic and political aspects of the situation because he just doesn’t know enough to feel confident in those areas. It’s the mark of a self-assured young artist who, while not immune to the occasional interview foible, is trying his best to avoid them when it comes to potential land mines like this question. He might just have a career ahead of him yet!

(via The Sunday Times)