Harry Styles Gets Caught In A Food Fight In The ‘Kiwi’ Video

Harry Styles’ new video for “Kiwi” interestingly opens with a black screen and the lines, “No children or animals were harmed in the making of this film.” Soon, a young child — played by Rogue One‘s Beau Gadsdon — walks down a school hallway clad in a vivacious suit similar to one that Styles himself would wear, carrying a box of cupcakes. She enters a gymnasium where other children have situated themselves around a pile of baked goods, and it isn’t long before Young Harry’s box of cupcakes is torn open and an all-out food war begins.

After using a lot of war movie-inspired imagery throughout the sequence, the real Styles emerges into the gymansium holding several puppies, which he unleashes into the frenzy, licking the children’s faces and eating the icing and cake off the floor. Though it’s unclear exactly what the story is, it’s a fun video, for sure. Check it out above.

“Kiwi” is the second single from Styles’ classic rock leaning debut solo album to get the video treatment, the first being “Sign O The Times,” which had a similarly confusing-but-epic video that saw Styles flying around in the mountains. Check out Steven Hyden’s review of Harry Styles here.