Watch Harry Styles Slip And Fall While Performing Onstage With One Direction

Slip and fall videos are timeless. In a way, they are the “man getting hit by football” of the entertainment and music world. Well, if somehow we could get football into performance arenas, it would change the game entirely. Anyway, the point is that these clips are evergreen. So, when Harry Styles of pop quartet — R.I.P. Zayn — One Direction hits an imaginary banana peel, it’s something we can watch over and over and over again.

While performing with his mates in Toronto at the Rogers Centre, as a part of their On the Road Again tour, the boy-bander was feeling himself enough to go for a pretty slick move. As you may have guessed after reading this far, it did not go as planned, and he looks like he busted his ass pretty hard.

Luckily for him, it was just a little bruise on the bum (English words!), and he was able to pull through the performance. But, after all of that, the point still stands: Whether you are Harry Styles or Demi Lovato or Pitbull, if you slip and fall, we will laugh. If that makes us terrible people, well, we kind of already knew that.

(via NME)