H.C. McEntire And Angel Olsen Reunite For The Intimate, Longing ‘Wild Dogs’ Video

Country singer-songwriter H.C. McEntire has shared the music video for “Wild Dogs,” from her solo LP LIONHEART, released earlier this year. While this is McEntire’s first solo record, she’s already a seasoned pro — she’s performed punk with Bellafea, country with Mount Moriah, and, most recently, backed Angel Olsen on her album My Woman and its accompanying tour.

LIONHEART is a triumph of an album, and unapologetically queer in a genre that doesn’t see nearly enough of that. (Southern girls can be gay, too.) “Wild Dogs” is one of the album’s highlights — over a spare drum machine and gentle strings, McEntire is full of longing and nostalgia for a time she and a lover were wild dogs, all instinct and feeling and none of this looking-back stuff. Olsen sounds just as gorgeous backing McEntire as when they were reversed.

McEntire and Olsen recorded all the cinematography for the music video for “Wild Dogs.” The visuals, like the song, are spare and intimate. A few looping videos of McEntire and Olsen’s faces are cut between footage of a desert landscape passing through a car window. The desert underscores the loneliness of the song, making the two singers seem far away even as they’re singing the same melodies together.

Watch the video for “Wild Dogs” above.