This Middle Eastern Cover Of Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’ Is Amazing

Search for “karma police cover” on YouTube and you’ll be met with over 95,000 results, including versions by Easy Star All-Stars and Tori Amos. Now, I haven’t listened to every one of those videos, but I feel confident in claiming Rotem Shefy and Leat Sabbah’s cover of the great Radiohead song is the best one yet. Definitely better than Tori’s.

It’s got a great music video, too, thanks to a successful Kickstarter project:

Tel Aviv-based musicians Rotem Shefy (vocalist) and Leat Sabbah (cellist/arranger) collaborated to realize an arrangement of Karma Police, a major hit from the alternative rock band Radiohead, third album OK Computer (1997). What seemed at first a satirical cover transformed into a full-blown multi-layered middle-eastern arrangement, recorded with oud player Yaniv Taichmann, percussionist Ori Dekel. The track was recorded at Bardo Studios in Tel Aviv by Avi Ein Zur.

The recording attracted the attention of Director Amos Geva, who has envisioned expanding this arrangement into a full-scale video clip. With the help of producer Roi Kurland, a clear vision and the perfect script evolved. Both Geva and Kurland, in addition to many others, have commited to the new video completely voluntarily, from genuine interest and faith in project. (Via)


(Via MetaFilter)