Hear Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, & Twin Shadow’s Touching Live Tributes To Lou Reed

The musical tributes for the great Lou Reed keep rolling in, as they should be. Arcade Fire played a bunch of new songs from Reflektor for NPR’s Live In Concert series last night, and as the intro and outro for “Supersymmetry,” they covered “Perfect Day” and “Satellite of Love.” Meanwhile, across the sea, the Arctic Monkeys performed “Walk on the Wild Side” at Liverpool’s Echo Arena, while back here in the States, Twin Shadow laid down a black-and-white, minimal version of “Perfect Day.” All are very good, though not as good as this:

That needs to be made into a bio-pic, like, right now.

“Perfect Day” by Twin Shadow

“Walk on the Wild Side” by Arctic Monkeys

Arcade Fire live set (“Perfect Day” at 17 minute mark/”Satellite of Love” 22 minute mark)