Heavy Metal Fans Are The Most Dedicated Fans According To Spotify

Heavy metal is about headbanging, thrashing guitars, and, apparently, streaming music. Mashable reports that Spotify, the world’s foremost music streaming service, unveiled some data that says that metal fans are the most loyal of any genre fans, and by a significant margin.

What does loyalty mean in this case? It was measured, according to Mashable, “by looking at how often people returned to the core bands of these genres, specifically compiling anonymized data about how many listeners there are to how many plays over a period of time.” Spotify focused on major players in the metal scene such as Metallica, Slayer, and Cradle of Filth.

Apparently, heavy metal is known to be a genre populated by very devoted fans. They go to concerts, they buy apparel, and evidently they listen to a bunch of Judas Priest on Spotify. Perhaps this isn’t surprising. Events like Ozzfest still exist. How many dudes have you seen walking around in Metallica shirts? This just shows that metalheads have stayed up to date with technology. They’ve always worn their love for the music on their sleeves. Now they’ve proven their dedication through their Spotify use. Also, for the record, pop came in second, followed by folk and then country. Hey hip hop fans, where’s your loyalty?

(Via Mashable)