This Barbie Will Judge Your Kid’s Taste In Music

Mattel is launching a Barbie doll called ‘Hello Barbie’ that will use a Wi-Fi connection and a microphone to talk to kids, à la Siri. That’s compelling enough on its own, but one of the most interesting things about it (and the reason we’re all here) is the fact that this Barbie comes loaded with opinions on your kid’s musical tastes.

In a New York Times piece on the doll’s development, it was revealed that the new Barbie has nearly 200 possible responses to artists that your child might like. This includes everyone from Taylor Swift to (we’re not kidding even a little bit) My Bloody Valentine.

“Barbie would be able to ask kids what music we liked for instance and was ready for nearly 200 possible responses. Taylor Swift? ‘She’s one of my super favorites right now!’ My Bloody Valentne? ‘They are so emo.'”

Okay, so Barbara Millicent Roberts isn’t ready to be enshrined in the Music Critics’ Hall of Fame next to Lester Bangs and the first guy to use a flame emoji to describe a song.

Never heard anyone describe MBV as ’emo’ but calling an album Loveless is something that a LiveJournal connoisseur would do. Maybe Barbie knows something we don’t.

Hello Barbie comes out in November and we’ll be buying one just to see if she calls Nicki Minaj a biter.

(Via Stereogum)