Here Is The Trailer For Cameron Crowe’s Pearl Jam Documentary

07.26.11 6 Comments

Like just about any white kid whose formative years took place in the 90s, I was a huge Pearl Jam fan. Still to this day if you ask me what’s the greatest concert I’ve ever seen is I’ll say Pearl Jam — with The Ramones opening — in 1995 at Tad Gormley stadium in New Orleans. At one point I seriously thought that that I, the girl I was with at the time, or both of us, would die in the pit of that show — specifically during “Rearview Mirror.” It was awesome. So when I heard that Cameron Crowe was doing a documentary titled Pearl Jam 20 on the band, I was quite pumped, but had honestly forgotten it was coming out later this year.

But this afternoon a trailer for the film hit the web and now I’m all pumped up again! Now, I’m not sure why David Lynch is shown interviewing Eddie Vedder in it, but whatever, it’s David F*cking Lynch, right? That aside, watching this gave me flashbacks to a more innocent, carefree time in my life, while also managing to make me feel older than dirt at the same time.

Writes Movieline’s Christopher Rosen:

PJ20 is a fangasm for those Pearl Jam lovers who own every concert CD from the 2000 world tour (guilty). For non-PJ devotees, the film should be — at the very least — a portrait of one of the last of the great American rock bands, and what its members did to prevent the inevitable fall from grace. On the face of things, PJ20 doesn’t look like a whole lot more than an awesome episode of Behind the Music. With Crowe at the editing bay, however, here’s hoping there’s something more to be learned about the band and its far-reaching influence.

“An awesome episode of Behind the Music” — couldn’t have put it better myself. And I simply cannot wait to see this film.

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