Here’s ‘A Very Angry Browns Christmas’ To Help The NFL’s Most Punished Fans

When all is said and done and this NFL season is in the books, we probably won’t feel so bad for the Cleveland Browns, because as of right now, they’re still looking down at the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons, and those poor fans thought that they were a lock to buy some playoffs tickets this season, before their quarterbacks would eventually let them down. But barring one last winning streak, the Browns are still looking at a losing record, and obviously their already tortured fans are frowning as the holiday season begins.

Fortunately, the man they call “Angry Browns Fan” is here with “A Very Angry Browns Christmas,” a special collection of Christmas songs to cheer Cleveland’s saddest football fans up with, and while he doesn’t use nearly as much profanity as I’d expect, the result is still rather soothing.