Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hilarious Attempt To Walk Like Beyonce

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10.25.14 4 Comments

Benedict Cumberbatch is always some form of delightful when he stops by a talk show, especially Graham Norton. He practically gets poked and prodded about every detail of his existence and always remains a good sport about it.

The highlight this time around is Cumberbatch’s attempt to walk like Beyonce. Comedian Miranda Hart shows everyone a few examples of silly walks, including the pop star/Beyonce walk you can see here:

Clearly no one on this stage can replicate it the proper way, but they do give it their best try. Cumberbatch walks away being the winner, but that’s not saying much. If I had one nitpick, it’d be that it looks more like a piss walk and not a itch walk.

Also during the appearance, Cumberbatch was questioned on his possible roles in Star Trek and Star Wars. This prompted a “no comment” and started the rumor mill in saying that he’s definitely in the next Star Trek movie. We also got to hear that sweet Jar Jar Binks impression he rolls out from time to time, most likely promptly many nerds to stab uncontrollably at the darkness.

He also got to meet his own wax figure, soon to be creeping out guests and posing for snobby photo-ops at Madame Tussauds.

(Via The Graham Norton Show)

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