Here’s The One App You’ll Need To Make It Through SXSW: ‘Avoid Humans’

03.07.14 5 years ago 7 Comments

I moved to Austin, Texas, three months ago because I figured, hey, good tacos and cheap beer, what’s not to like? Well, that’s before I got stuck in an hour of traffic, as opposed to the typical 30 minutes, because of South by Southwest congestion. Yes, the land of Shiner is about to be choked with independent filmmakers and fashionable bands for the next two weeks, so the “Avoid Humans” app is going to come in handy.

While SXSW is chock-full of fantastical things, sometimes, you need to hit the eject button and escape the masses. To help, GSD&M presents Avoid Humans—a web-based app that combs data from Foursquare check-ins and combines it with a GSD&M-curated list, giving you the least crowded places in Austin. The app is divided into four categories — nightlife, food, coffee, and refuge — and each location is color coded to indicate the current level of human presence.

It’s one category away — coke-free bathrooms — from being the perfect app.

Avoid Humans via the Daily Dot

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