Here’s Rihanna’s Late Night April Fool’s Prank On A Sleeping Jimmy Kimmel

To me, you’re crossing a line when you mess with someone’s sleep. Noises outside and junk are fine, but busting into someone’s room to pelt them with pillows and dollar bills is probably a bit much.

That’s what Rihanna did to Jimmy Kimmel last night before appearing on his couch tonight. She’s a big fan of his pranks over the years, so she wanted to jump the gun on him and get the prankster while he was in bed. There’s some sort of light wielding android man, a guy with a boombox, and a team of hype-women all there with Rihanna, waking up Kimmel with his mouth guard still in place.

It ranks low on clever pranks, but Kimmel seems alright with it.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)