Here’s The Most Joey Fatone Thing That’s Ever Happened To *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone

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After happening then not happening, it’s happening: *NSYNC is reuniting at the VMAs, says a reliable source.

Joseph Fatone Sr., the father of Joey Fatone, told Radar Online that the group is indeed reuniting. And that’s not all. “They’re doing a performance,” he said. (Via)

Classic Fatone move, ruining the secret the way Joey ruined my will to live after On the Line. Further confirmation came in the form of *NSYNC joining Twitter and tweeting, “Mic check, mic check one..two…is this thing on?!” Take a look at the order in which each member of the group was followed, keeping in mind the bottom is the top.

Poor Joey — even his own group (‘s social media manager) knows he’s, well, Joey Fatone.

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