'Her Butt Almost Showed,' And Other Hilarious FCC Complaints Of Beyoncé's Halftime Show

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03.14.13 11 Comments

Poor Beyoncé, girl can’t catch a break. Sure, she’s rich, talented, one hell of a cook (you haven’t lived until you’ve tried her Crazy in Dove Enchiladas), married to the world’s most famous rapper, and still looks good even when she doesn’t look good. But she’s got a rough life. People — people she doesn’t even KNOW — are complaining about her… to the FCC. Haters gonna write angry, typo-ridden letters about butts and vaginas.

Deadspin got their mitts on “viewers’ complaints” the FCC received about Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show, and there are some absolute gems in there. What did Sally Housewife think of the performance?

And John Nosex?

And let’s not forget Millicent Q. Chastity.

This one’s from me.

Hey, I made some good points about 2 Broke Girls. Read the entire PDF here.


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