The ‘This is America’ Choreographer Didn’t Know ‘Much About’ Childish Gambino Before Working With Him

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It’s no question that the music video for Childish’s Gambino’s “This Is America” was one of the more talked about pop culture events of this year, if not recent history. It’s fitting then that the artist behind Glover’s now-iconic moves is getting her due.

Since the video’s premiere in May, Sherrie Silver — the 23-year-old dancer and choreographer — has been tapped by Vogue to work with Gigi and Bella Hadid, was apart of a World AIDS Day campaign, and, in August, won the MTV VMA for Best Choreography. Recently, the Rwandan-born, London-native spoke to Hannah J. Davies of The Guardian. Their conversation revealed a small, detail in the story of the “This Is America” video’s creation that may come as a surprise to some.

Prior to working on the biggest video of the year by one of the biggest names in Hollywood, Silver didn’t actually know all that much about Childish Gambino. “When I got the call from Donald Glover’s manager, asking me to choreograph his video, I didn’t know much about him,” she told Davies. “I said, ‘Let me go and research him.’”

While an admission like this is certainly strange to hear, it almost makes Silver’s pivotal contributions to the video all the more impressive.

“This Is America” is nominated for four Grammys this year, including Best Short Form Music Video.