Post Debate The Internet Made ‘The Hillary Shimmy Song’ And It’s Actually Pretty Good

Monday night’s debate was easily the television event of the year and we got a lot of good out of it. The candidates had a serious discussion about policy, talked about the benefits of pragmatism and compromise, and were completely respectful of each other. Actually, all of that is a lie or at least wishful thinking. There was shouting, interruptions, a Rosie O’Donnell reference, and a shimmy. During one of Donald Trump’s stream of consciousness rants, Hillary Clinton responded with what’s now known as “The Hillary Shimmy.”

YouTube star Jonathan Mann wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes.

“The Hillary Shimmy Song” is actually kinda infectious. It’s a serious ear-worm with a catchy hook and some lyrics that are pretty on point.

This dude is coming at me
I just smile and let him be
The dude brought your own rope
He put the bullet in the gun so
I’m just gonna shimmy

The verse aptly describes what happened. Right down to him bringing his own gold-encrusted rope. In politics, when your opponent is hurting themselves your job is to keep quiet and that’s exactly what she did with a shimmy added on for good measure.

While this song isn’t “Shimmy, Shimmy, Ya,” it does point out how not even Admiral Akbar could’ve saved Trump from what he walked into. Then there’s this hook, punctuated with a few sound bytes from the debate.

Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy
Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy

Jonathan Mann’s joint may not get the attention that Will. I. Am’s dedication to President Obama did, but every hit song has to start somewhere.