Troye Sivan Wants His Joyful, Boundary-Pushing ‘Bloom’ To Be An Album For Beautiful Misfits

Troye Sivan performs in front of thousands of people every night, but he remembers a time when he wasn’t one of the biggest, brightest young pop stars — he was just a misfit kid. “I remember wishing that I enjoyed playing sports,” he recalled. “I was, like, the smallest kid in my year. And I think for me, excelling in the arts was a way to find a sense of self […] Music played a huge role in my life.”

As a teenager, Sivan found his voice on YouTube, and industry insiders shortly began to take notice. Leland, a pop singer and songwriter who has worked with Sivan on both of his albums, recalled first discovering that Sivan had something special. “Before we even wrote any songs, he already knew who he was as an artist,” Leland said. “And to me, that is priceless.”

That confidence and self-assuredness is one of the qualities that Sivan’s fans love most about him. Honda Backstage caught up with Sivan during a release-day livestream of Bloom, his much-anticipated sophomore album. Whereas Sivan’s first album focused less on his queer identity, Sivan didn’t hold back on Bloom. He’s part of the first generation of young queer pop stars who are out at the height of their career, and he knows how important that is to many of his fans.

“I love that he’s so unapologetically queer. That is so important for so many of us out there, especially for the youth who are looking up to him as an idol,” one fan said.

He’s a role model for so many, but Sivan remains humble. “I just want to be a pop star,” he said. “What do pop stars sing? They sing about love, they sing about sex, they make out with people, they dance around […] My true experience happens to be that it’s gonna be with another guy.”

Check out the video above to get a peek backstage during Sivan’s album release day.