‘Hot Girl’ With The Heavy Metal Voice Should Win All The Competitions

It’s a lie. All of it. Everything we know to be true is false. America’s Got Talent? Hardly. Clearly, all the talent belongs to the French, or more specifically, one contestant on La France a un incroyable talent who walks onstage as a demure, softspoken lady and walks off a F*CK YEAH METAL WOMAN.

According to a translator on YouTube, where the video was posted under the headline, “Hot Girl Has A Remarkable Audition,” via Reddit, one of the judges declined her at the end of her performance because he “was not open-minded at all,” while the other two, “ask her if she can hold a voice like that for a long time, she says 1h and they are impressed.” As are we. Can’t wait for her band, Boiled Susans, to drop their first EP.

(Via Reddit)