‘Hotline Bling’ Continues To Be Unkillable With This Gospel Reworking

“Hotline Bling” has become the Hydra of cover songs. If you strike down one cover, seven more will sprout up in its place. It’s easy to get burned out when everyone from Justin Bieber to Gwen Stefani is jumping on the bandwagon and letting out their best “you, you, youuu.” But we have to give this gospel group points for originality. Unlike most of the other covers we’ve heard (Queen Erykah excluded) that have been relatively straightforward, this group re-works the song to fit their surroundings, turning the instantly recognizable chorus into “Jesus, you’re my everything/Yes you are my Lord and King.”

I have to say they do a pretty good job overall. The video is definitely worth a watch just to see the background singers getting ultra-hyped. Also, take a guess on how much this church spent on their subwoofers, because that’s some serious bass.

It’s no Anthony Hamilton, but that’s not a fair comparison because few things are.

For more “Hotline Bling,” watch Sufjan Stevens take on the track with Gallant. Then check out how nicely it goes with other of-the-moment hit “What Do You Mean?”

(Via NME)