Pinegrove Tourmates Hovvdy Have No ‘Problem’ Winning Hearts With Their Deceptively Large Sound

Pinegrove released one of the best rock albums of last year in Cardinal. So, when it came time to take their tracks on the road, they couldn’t pick just any old band to warm up the crowd for them. Lucky for them (and for us), they found Austin’s Hovvdy, a duo that create melancholy pop songs over walls of sound that sound too large for two people to make.

The pair just released their video for “Problem” off of their album Taster. The ambling and woozy track gets a video that drifts in the same manner as the music. Trips down highways and through the woods repeat the endlessly layered vibes of the song via some well-placed double-vision effects. The resulting package sounds and looks like bedroom music squared, because that’s exactly what it is.

Charlie Martin and Will Taylor formed Hovvdy after bonding over a mutual love for quiet music and recorded their new album while shuttling between bedrooms in each others homes and the houses of their family members.

Taster drops on vinyl on April 28 via Double Double Whammy, but you can give the whole 11-track album a listen over at the group’s Bandcamp right this very minute.