In Honor Of Her ‘SNL’ Appearance, Please Enjoy Katy Perry’s 20 Most Excitable GIFs

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10.12.13 15 Comments
show some skin

Katy Perry is a real-life cartoon character, all exaggerated motions and loud colors, perfectly lacking in subtly. In other words, she’s the ideal pop star, not shielding herself behind a veil of ART, like Lady Gaga, or producing completely terrible music, like…take your pick. (Admit it, you like “Firework.”) She’s bubblegum-flavored caffeine, which is why I’m so eager for/dreading tonight’s SNL, where Perry’s the musical guest to Bruce Willis’s host.

Oh to be a fly on the wall for one of their conversation. “So, Brucie, do you like kitty cats? I LOVE kitty cats with their little, itty, bitty noses. *shoots whipped cream from boob guns*” That could be every sketch tonight, and I would be very happy. In honor of the episode, let’s take a look at Katy Perry’s 20 most excitable GIFs. Yes, Elmo’s in there.

katy gaham dance

katy perry naked

katy hair whip

katy cat dance

katy ocean

katy snl tongue

katy heart dress

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