Human Cockroach Paris Hilton Won $50,000 Playing Blackjack In Atlantic City

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02.04.14 3 Comments

With Kim Kardashian fame-whoring it up all over the place, sometimes it’s easy to forget that Paris Hilton is still out there … Ominously existing. So here’s your reminder: Last night after a DJ set in Atlantic City — which she earned a whopping $100,000 grand for — Paris oozed over to the blackjack tables to win an additional $50,000. Ugh. From TMZ:

Paris kicked off her residency at Harrah’s “Pool After Dark” with a blowout — DJ’ing for a sold out crowd — and sources tell TMZ, she got paid $100,000 for the job.

We’re told the party was a blast — the first of many DJ gigs for Paris at Harrah’s — but the craziest part was when she left the club and hit the blackjack table … where she increased her night’s haul by 50% … winning another $50,000.

If you’ll recall, Paris Hilton is apparently one of the top five DJs in the world, which makes about as much sense to me as people flocking to Harrah’s in Atlantic City (depressing) on a Sunday night (more depressing) in February (most depressing) to listen to Paris Hilton spin (chase a handful of Xanax with a bottle of vodka depressing).


Via Paris Hilton’s Instagram. Banner via Getty Images.

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