Hurricane Chris Has Been Found Not Guilty Of Second-Degree Murder After A Fatal 2020 Shooting

The Louisiana-based rapper Hurricane Chris has officially been acquitted of his murder charges. He was previously indicted in October 2020 for a suspected connection to a fatal shooting of Danzeria Farris Jr. that happened earlier that year.

Yesterday (March 14), he was found not guilty of second-degree murder in the trial — even after only his team used two witnesses, compared to the prosecution’s 11.

“Tonight I was found not guilty of second degree murder and illegal possession of stolen things,” he shared in a statement to The Shade Room. “I wanna thank God, my attorneys at the Washington & Wells law firm, and my family for standing with me as my life was on the line.”

“They wanted to give me life if I was found guilty. Now I can hug my son and think about raising him to be a man,” he added. “This situation drained me and affected my health greatly. God, I give you all the glory. I got my life back and words can’t explain how I feel. Thanks to everyone who wished me well.”

Chris had also been out of jail, after being released on bail for $500,000. He claimed that Farris Jr. tried to steal his car and that he acted in self-defense.