Iamsu! Calls Frank Ocean’s New Album ‘Worth The Wait’

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As if anticipation surrounding Frank Ocean’s new album couldn’t get any higher, Iamsu! stoked the fires for fans expecting an imminent release of the project.

The Bay Area rapper went on Twitter in the wee hours of Monday morning to share his take on Ocean’s LP. “Damn frank ocean album blap!” Su wrote, adding in several fire emojis to reiterate his point. He followed with another message saying “He did not disappoint!” and “thanks for letting me be apart of history bro! Worth the wait!”

No one knows Iamsu!’s involvement with the album, if any at all, but his latter tweet makes it seem like he has a role of some sort. Whatever the case, it sounds like he’s heard the project and his take is similar to James Blake’s, another artist who has heard it apparently and heaped a ton of praise on Ocean’s next drop.

Ocean caused a stir heading into the weekend by hinting Boys Don’t Cry could release as soon as this month. The wait for the album, which was originally expected to release last July, definitely ranks as one of 2016’s most anticipated as the singer attempts the critical success of his previous release, Channel Orange.

Update: It looks like Iamsu! “was just joking” about Boys Don’t Cry. Someone should tell Su that boys also don’t cry wolf.