Ice-T Lived Through Every Performer’s Worst Nightmare At Lollapalooza

This might be the one that does it, the final torpedo to the unapproachable, tough-guy exterior Ice-T once had. You write a song like “Cop Killer” and that hard-ass persona can persevere through reality shows, insurance commercials and 18(!) seasons on Law and Order: SVU. But there’s simply nothing tough about discussing your bowel problems on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

While explaining how he prepares for going on the road and touring, the rapper and actor explained to Meyers why he never eats before a show.

“I had a bad incident one time. I was on Lollapalooza back in the day and this lady served us gumbo during lunch and I went on stage, in front of like 20,000 people, with full-blown diarrhea,” he said. “Imagine standing on stage holding your buttcheeks and you’re trying to tell people to ‘go crazy.’ When the show was over, one fart would have been disaster.”

Ice-T also explained why you absolutely do not want to play a body that gets found by Detective Fin.

“Any of y’all out there that ever thought ‘Oh, I want to come on Law & Order and be a dead body?’ Bad idea,” he said. “My show is about sex crimes. You will be f*cked up in the East River. Wet, cold, in December.”

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