Idina Menzel’s Reaction To Her Boobs Popping Out Mid-Show Was Perfect

John Travolta’s fever dream Idina Menzel made her solo Radio City Music Hall debut on Monday, where she performed “Defying Gravity,” “Let It Go,” Radiohead’s “Creep,” and other songs not sung by mythical creatures. But the real highlight came after a mid-show wardrobe change, when according to EW, her “black leather bra top…wasn’t totally secure, as the audience informed Menzel when she sashayed back to center stage.” She told the crowd, “My boobs are coming out!” Then: “F*ck it, they’re real.”

There were hundreds of kids in the audience, too, so I imagine there were a lot of questions after the show. “Daddy, what are boobs?” “Well, if you’re lucky, yours will defy gravity when you get older.”

Via EW