If You Watch One Cover Of Toto's 'Africa' Sung By Two Guys In A Utah Pizza Shop Today, Let It Be This One

Last fall I made a roadtrip with a bunch of friends to the LSU/West Virginia football game in Morgantown, WV. Since hotel rooms in Morgantown are scarce, not to mention that the game was in freakin’ Morgantown, we all stayed at a hotel in Pittsburgh and rented a fabulously douchey Hummer limo to chaffeur us to and from the game like a true bunch of a-holes. On the way there and back, many of us took turns playing DJ, and over the course of the, oh, four and a half to five hours I’d estimate we spent listening to music in the back of the Hummer limo, one song stood out from all the others as the most well-received: “Africa” by Toto.

Now, when I say “well-received,” I talking about 15 grown men singing each and every word of the song at the top of our lungs. It was kind of a special moment (sniffle, sniffle) and I’m sure I’ll ever forget it. Why was our reaction to “Africa” so impassioned and visceral? Because “Africa” is the best goddamn road trip song of all time, that’s why! And it’s also a great song to enjoy a few slices to at the Pie Pizzeria in South Jordan, Utah, especially when it’s performed by two random guys with guitars named Mike Massé and Jeff Hall. Enjoy!

(HT: Buzzfeed via Dustin Rowles)

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