Iggy Azalea’s New Song ‘Azillion’ Will Either Make You Happy Or Angry She’s Back

Life Writer
01.09.16 12 Comments


Iggy Azalea returns to the music scene after nearly being ran off by fans who had enough of her “blaccent” and falsely labeled rap music. With a new year ahead of her, Iggy’s putting all that negativity behind and pushing forward with her new song “Azillion,” the genre-bending first single off her upcoming sophomore album, Digital Distortion. The track finds Iggy putting words together over an electro beat provided by D.R.U.G.S. And according to husband-to-be, Swaggy P, there’s plenty more where that came from, whether you want it or not.

The LA Laker recently spoke with Billboard and said Digital Distortion will go down as the best album this year. “It’s gonna be the best album of 2016. I got my Swaggy P feature on it so that’s why it’s gon’ blow up.” Swaggy also revealed that fans can expect some surprise features. “I see how hard she be in the studio and I heard a couple songs. Couple surprises and a lot of features on there. It’ll be dope.”

Listen to “Azillion” below.

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