Iggy Azalea Says She Burned All Of Nick Young’s Designer Clothes When They Broke Up

When Iggy Azalea first broke out in hip-hop a few years ago, it wasn’t long before she was part of a well-received celebrity couple — she and basketball player Nick Young aka “Swaggy P” — currently of the Golden State Warriors — were not just an item, they were actually engaged for a while there. Sadly, things fell apart between the two lovebirds, but as Andy Cohen brought up to Iggy recently, she isn’t the kind of girl to take a break up lightly. During a recent appearance on his show Watch What Happens Live, Cohen asked Iggy about burning and destroying Young’s clothes, here’s what she had to say:

“I burned it all!” she exclaimed. “I burned a lot! And I threw stuff in the pool too. I started off with water, and it just seemed like that didn’t work… we had a fire pit outside, a nice fire pit that you can put on with the gas, I texted him a video and said ‘hey I’m burning your shit, I’m starting with the cheap shit… I’m burning your things, I don’t know where you’re at, probably with some girl, so I hope you get home quickly because I’m moving on, we’re progressing on the spectrum of cheap to expensive.’ But I will say, expensive doesn’t burn well! All the Forever 21 just — gestures flames.”

Watch the full clip above for some catharsis of your own, and give Iggy a little sympathy, Young definitely seems to have cheated on her, reportedly in their own home. If there was ever reason to torch an ex’s things, it’s that kind of betrayal.

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