Infographic Of The Day: Weinergate Tosses Cold Water On Congressional Tweets


A study done by, a group that monitors Twitter use by members of Congress — find that the rate of tweets from members of Congress after the Weiner scandal is down almost 30%.

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A new study from has analysed the rate of tweets before and after the Weiner scandal, and uncovered an interesting, if perhaps not entirely unsurprising fact: the total number of tweets across all congressmen is down 28%. tracks more than 400 active feeds from Congress members and determined that more than 15,000 tweets were sent over 23 days beginning in early May.

On the week of May 30 through June 3, some 2,947 tweets were sent from lawmakers – 2,104 from Republicans and 843 from Democrats – compared to 4,050 the previous week (2,868 Rep., 1,182 Dem.). That’s a drop of some 28% overall.

I don’t know about you, but this data makes me feel even more uneasy about the the state of American politics than I did previously. I mean, are our politicians such compulsive simpletons that they can’t handle maintaining a Twitter account? Not once, in the wake of the Weiner scandal, did I ever stop and think to myself, “Oh, you know, this Twitter thing is a bomb waiting to go off…I best put it down before I send a pic of my balls out onto the Internet.” Really? If a man eats himself to death at a cheeseburger joint am I going to stop eating cheeseburgers? “Oh, that guy ate himself to death eating chesseburgers, so I better not eat any.” HELL NO! This is how people capable of moderation and restraint live their daily lives.

Anyway, here’s a handy inforgraphic the lovely folks at TweetCongress put together illustrating the trend…

If only Matt Foley were still around to give members of Congress some life advice, maybe they wouldn’t be so out of control.

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