Amy Schumer Tried To Create A ‘Hamilton’ For Betsy Ross With Questlove And Lin-Manuel Miranda

Hamilton is undeniably a massive success. And if the Grammys mean anything, seeing it in person is probably worth the hundreds of dollars in ticket markup. We wouldn’t know, because the wait to see the show extends beyond the point in time when the sun will roast the Earth like Hamilton did to Thomas Jefferson in “Cabinet Battle #1”. So, with that in mind, why wouldn’t Amy Schumer want a piece of that action?

In the first sketch from the upcoming fourth season of Inside Amy Schumer, the Hamilton superfan stages an incredibly uncomfortable preview of her hip-hopera about the life of Betsy Ross.

Schumer puts minimal effort into the musical pitch to Hamilton mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda throughout, initially saying that the play was about “Bethany Ross.”

“You’re mixing up a historical figure with a Real Housewife,” Miranda responds.

Even though Schumer’s aided in her pitch by Revolutionary War drummer Questlove, whose deadpan “Why the hell am I doing this?” stare is never not funny, Miranda desperately looks to the door during flag-based takes on “Bitch, Better Have My Money” and “Hotline Bling”.

Miranda’s so uncomfortable that he nearly misses the (terrible) showdown between Ross and her rival seamstress “Heron Hurr.”

If the rest of the next season of Inside is anything like this sketch, Schumer’s prediction that she’s only got another six months of fame left might be a bit off.

(Via Stereogum)