This Hysterical Instagram Comment Is The Only Thing You Need To Read About Beyonce’s New Album Today

If you went to bed early and are just waking up, you may have missed the news that Beyonce unexpectedly released a new album last night. This is something one who makes music can do in 2013, thanks to the Internet.

“Ah, it’s a Thursday night. It’s kind of cold outside. I’m getting bored just sitting here on this cheetah skin rug drinking hot cocoa with Jay. F*ck it, I’mma drop a new record!”

That’s probably how this all came to be.

ANYWAY, there will lots of things written about this in the coming days, and much of it will be insufferable as all hell. So just do yourself a favor and skip all of it and just read this Instagram comment. (Some context: Jay and Bey recently announced they were going vegan for most of December.)

Meanwhile, those cupcakes do look pretty damn good…

(Via Jack Seale)