The Internet Reacts To Drake And Rihanna’s Awkward Almost-Kiss At The MTV VMAs

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The 2016 MTV VMAs were eventful, and for the most part a celebration of Rihanna. She had four separate medley performances of all her greatest hits, and the best moment of the night might have been the end of the show when her rumored boyfriend Drake presented her with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award.

Drake delivered a touching speech, where he declared he’s been in love with Riri since he was 22, much to the world’s surprise and amusement. But that wasn’t even the best part, because when it was time to actually hand Ri her award we were treated to what’s sure to be the most awkward three seconds of television of the year.

It’s hard to tell exactly what happened, but it appears Drake went for a hug, and maybe Rihanna leaned in for a kiss as her hands were full and then they both kind of, missed? It was odd, and a classic example of hilariously awkward and dorky Drake even if it might not have even been his fault.

Naturally, the moment went viral instantly, because the Internet loves them some awkward, dorky Drake, and the reactions were brutal and hysterical.

Then of course, there’s this backstage moment:

And because no Internet fail is truly complete until Michael Jordan’s crying face is affixed to someone else’s body.