Investigation: Is Ariana Grande Wearing A Diaper In The ‘Bang Bang’ Music Video?

The infantilization of Ariana Grande has finally gone too far: now she’s wearing diapers while singing about banging. OK, that’s probably not what’s actually happning in her Beats by Dre commercial, I mean, “Bang Bang” music video with Nicki Minaj and Girl Pop Star Who Isn’t Ariana or Nicki (or GPSWIAON, for short), but it sure looks that way. Elsewhere, GPSWIAON vamps, Nicki raps near a helicopter without pulling a Dr. Romano, and while wearing high heels taller than her, Ariana sings into a megaphone with the word “BANG” on the side, in case the song being called “Bang Bang” was too subtle.

I take back what I said: after watching the video again, that’s definitely a diaper. Case closed.