Folk Singer Iron & Wine Covered A GWAR Classic

GWAR have been the highlight of most seasons of A.V. Club Undercover — a series that asks artists to cover songs from a pre-selected list that leads to interesting juxtapositions. Even in an environment that encourages bonkers takes on well-known songs, GWAR’s over-the-top covers of Billy Ocean and Cyndi Lauper are series standouts.

This year, A.V. Club returned the favor by adding “Any GWAR song” to the list of covers and it couldn’t have gone better. Singer-songwriter Iron & Wine ran the band’s 1990 fan-favorite “Sick Of You” through his own tender aesthetic, creating probably the prettiest song about smelly socks ever recorded. Check out the cover up top and compare it to the original below:

Even better is the post-song gag where GWAR are revealed to be Iron & Wine’s audience, looking on in disgust as he turns their juvenile schlock metal into folk music. Sam Beam (the man behind the I&W name) offers to play GWAR classic “Meat Sandwich” instead, leading the band to shake their heads in disgust. Here’s hoping this is a trend that the A.V. Club keeps up because I can’t wait to hear Justin Vernon take on “Fishf*ck.”

(Via Loudwire)

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