Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ + My Little Pony Dolls = Brony Porn

Finally, someone really went and outdid themselves by staging sexxxy scenes with My Little Pony dolls and setting it all to “Pony” by Ginuwine, one of the epic f*ck songs of the 90s. In other words, this is what every Brony will be beating off to this weekend and for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, Bronies in the military are coming out left and right. No “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in place there!

Reports the Marine Corp Times:

“I am Active Duty Army, I possess a Top Secret security clearance as well as caveats above that, I have a wife and son, and I love to shoot things and watch things explode. Yet I am ‘immasculine’?” wrote one Brony. “Don’t like it? Move to Canada.”

“I’m a USAF pilot, and have been active duty for 10 years. I have been married to my lovely wife for 6 years,” wrote another. “I like Metallica, the Phillies, Sam Adams, Grand Theft Auto, Maxim magazine, Game of Thrones, ‘Jackass,’ and ‘My Little Pony.’ As Rainbow Dash would say: deal with it.”

Troops at the recent BronyCon Summer 2012 got a special military-only lunch with Tara Strong, who voices Twilight Sparkle. Strong praises the men as “twilightlicious” in a video posted by YouTuber “navybrony” — only to be serenaded by the men with Twilight Sparkle’s signature song: “T-W-I-L-I-G-H-T, and ain’t no other pony troll down like me. I’m twilightlicious!”

“I wear my Brony T-shirts around the base a lot. That’s how I let others know that I’m a Brony,” said an Air Force meteorologist at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., pointing to his purple-and-pink T-shirt, in the Arizona Republic newspaper. “I was apprehensive about the response I would get because military guys tend to be raw and macho. But I’m surprised at how many nerdy guys I keep meeting in the Air Force.”

I’m not sure Patton would have been down with this.

(HT: Trey Kerby)