Did Kanye West’s New Single, ‘All Day,’ Just Leak?

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08.12.14 4 Comments
Kanye West At the 2014 Cannes Lions

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In his recent interview with GQ, Kanye West said he was working on a new single, “All Day,” and that he would be the one providing Jay Z-esque lines like, “All day, n*gga, it’s Ye, n*gga. Shopping for the winter, it’s just May, n*gga. Ball so hard, man, this sh*t cray, n*gga. You ain’t getting money unless you got eight figures.” West gave no indication of when the track would come out, but it’s apparently leaked, albeit in a very rough, loose version. You can hear it over at Hip Hop Giant.

That Dikembe Mutombo line is pretty good.

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