It’s Slayer’s ‘Raining Blood’ As You’ve Never Heard It Before… On A Banjo

Senior Writer
05.28.14 5 Comments
Slayer on a banjo


With so many people having become YouTube stars over the years, it’s an absolute crime that Rob Scallon isn’t considered a bona fide superstar. For those unfamiliar, Scallon is both a bit of a viral comedian and a hell of a talented musician. You may have caught on to that latter fact after his “30 Songs in 1 Minute” video went viral last month, or maybe you’ve been a fan of his for some time, enjoying his cello take on System of a Down’s “Aerials” or his ridiculous “Vine Symphony” of Pharrell’s “Happy.”

But for the past few weeks, Scallon has been on a Slayer kick, as he performed “Spill the Blood” on his sister’s cello and “War Ensemble” on a ukulele. On Monday, he kept the awesomeness coming with this banjo rendition of “Raining Blood,” and I can’t help but reiterate the fact that this guy should be a huge star already.

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