Izzy Stradlin Says He Will Not Be Part Of The Guns N’ Roses Reunion

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Guns N’ Roses is reuniting. You’ve probably heard this, because people are very exciting about dealing with Axl Rose’s shenanigans again, evidently. Also, because they were a huge band of a bygone era that made big, bone rattling rock that is now a rarity. However, as Guns N’ Roses has had a rotating lineup, even before the Chinese Democracy days, so there has been rumor and mystery about how, exactly, this is going to unfold. This includes murmurings about former G’N’R guitarist Izzy Stradlin, who is not as visible these days as, say, Axl or Slash. If you were hoping that the return of Guns N’ Roses was going to see some Izzy, well, you are going to be disappointed.

Stradlin sent an email to Rolling Stone to clear the air, writing:

“At this point in time, I will not be playing at any of the April 2016 GNR shows. I’ve also not been in the studio recording or writing with any of the others recently. There is so much speculation, but so very little info, [that] I thought I should reach out.”

So yes, Izzy Stradlin is not going to be a part of the Guns N’ Roses reunion. Stradlin was one of the co-founders of the band with Rose back in 1985, but left the band in 1991. He sort of dropped off the radar, returning in 2006 for a surprise appearance at a G’N’R show, and making periodic appearances since then. However, this time, Stradlin is not involved.

Stradlin has also opened up a Twitter account to help him separate fact from fiction now that his old band is in the news. So, you know, if you want to hear what Stradlin has to say straight from the source, now you can.


(Via Rolling Stone)

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