J Prince Says ‘Pusha T Is Like An Ant To Us’ Regarding The Latest Round Of Drake Beef

Regardless of which rapper is currently in the “lead” for the latest round of “Drake Vs. Pusha T,” it seems Drake’s mentor has already decided that there isn’t much the Virginian coke-rap salesman can do or say to bother the Canadian superstar. During a recent press appearance on TMZ to promote his book, The Art & Science Of Respect, the imposing Houston rap impresario was asked about Pusha’s latest comments on the Joe Budden Podcast. His response was matter-of-fact and, as per usual, peppered with colorful comparions.

“I don’t consider this a beef anymore,” he asserted. “Pusha is like an ant to us. Like an ant that crawl around, you know? We could smash him any time we chose to if that’s something we wanted to do, but that’s not the case here, you know? I became involved to put this to rest and as far as I’m concerned this is dead, but this strictly an act of damage control.”

The “this” to which Prince refers is Pusha’s assertion that Drake’s claims that the juicy revelation of his son on Pusha’s “The Story Of Adidon” came from Kanye West are false. According to Pusha, he received the information from a consort of Drake’s producer 40, who spilled the beans during conversation with his lady friend. Of course, there’s no telling where the information really came from, but considering the news didn’t have much effect on Drake’s album release — other than inspiring one of his most popular singles to date, “In My Feelings” — Drake probably couldn’t fault 40 if it was true. Meanwhile, with J Prince still holding back the “career-ending” diss Drake supposedly has in the chamber, it’s probably best if everyone involved gets out of their feelings for a change.