Jack Johnson’s New 4/20 Anthem Is About That Time Willie Nelson Got Him Really Stoned

Jack Johnson‘s new ditty couldn’t be a more appropriate theme for national holiday 4/20. “Willie Got Me Stoned” is about precisely that: a night where country and weed icon Willie Nelson got him stoned. That may sound harmless, and Jack may preface this live rendition by saying it was an “honor.” But as the song recalls, Willie got Jack so stoned while playing poker that he forgot his own name. “After Willie got me stoned, too me for everything I had,” Jack sings, “I had to walk home, I had no money for a cab / I didn’t have the heart to ask anybody for a ride / and nobody in the room looked any condition to drive.”

“Willie Got Me Stoned” sounds like a typical night for Willie, honestly. During his 2015 SXSW keynote speech, Snoop Dogg told the story of how Willie, the self-declared Last Man Standing, once invited him to play dominoes — and, with that night, became the only person to ever smoke him out. “He’s whooping my ass at dominoes, but at the same time he’s passing me a paper, a cigar, a vape, a bong and a little Volcano,” Snoop said. “So I’m like, ‘This old man is really trying to challenge me right now!’” Remember, we’re talking abut the man whose cannabis line, Willie’s Reserve, is available at dispensaries in five different states, including California.

“Willie Got Me Stoned” is available on digital retailers tomorrow, 4/20, because of course. Pre-order it here.