Jack White Finally Addressed His Grumpy Baseball Face

When TV cameras caught Jack White with a facial expression that sums up the entire Chicago Cubs history (except Rookie of the Year), his grumpy scowl went super-viral. He’s since gone to other ballgames, including one at Coors Field this week, and appeared super-happy, but there’s no fooling us, you pasty blues-rock ghost: we know the real you, and he’s the “SOON” meme, personified.

On Tuesday, he visited Colorado’s Coors Field to shag fly balls and take batting practice with the Rockies. According to Reverb, a fan asked White his thoughts on the photo, to which he responded, “I can’t make that face again. But I’ll smile for you.” (Via)

That smile lasted right up ’til the point White was hit by a baseball during batting practice. Baseball and Jack White go together like Meg and Jack White, circa now.

Via Consequence of Sound