Jack White Gets The Plug Pulled On Him But Continues To Play Because He’s Jack White

Jack White was playing a concert at Dublin’s Royal Hospital Kilmainham with the Kills when his mic was cut at the end of his set. What do you think Jack White did in a situation like this? Oh, you better believe he kept jamming. Via Esquire:

At the end of his typically epic set (25 songs, including White Stripes hits and songs from his new solo album Lazaretto), the venue pulled the plug on White. Why? Curfew. Venues like to follow rules. White does not. He continued playing without any mic support, telling the crowd, “The PA’s gawn” in what sounds like a distinctly Nashville accent he’s developed since living there. He then sang “Goodnight, Irene,” playing on an acoustic guitar.

Venues and curfews, man. All we want is more Jack White and then the venue has to get all camp counselor on us and shut down the fun. Check out the video below at about the 4:30 mark when they cut his mic. Then the fun begins.

If anything, cutting the mic made for a more memorable concert experience. Everybody quieting down so he could talk, and then joining in when he sang is a pretty fantastic thing to watch.

(Via Esquire)