Listen To Jack White’s New Theme Song For ‘Maya & Marty’

Jack White
Getty Image

Jack White, for all his perceived surliness, is more than willing to lend a helping hand to network comedy. He appeared on ABC’s The Muppets, although his appearance wasn’t enough to save the show from cancellation (never mess with people’s childhoods). Now, he has provided the theme song for NBC’s new song Maya & Marty, which debuts on Tuesday, June 1, and he has released the theme music before the show has aired.

Maya & Marty, in case you don’t know, is NBC’s new variety show starring Maya Rudolph, who had a one-off variety special a little while back, and Martin “Marty” Short, who you may know from FOX’s Mulaney, or perhaps from something actually successful (Mulaney was pretty good, though). They are both fine choices for a show such as this, although the variety show is such a bygone, almost antiquated idea, so it will be interesting to see if they succeed. You know who has old school sensibilities? Jack White! It all fits, doesn’t it?

White is on the drums for this song, and, as it is a theme song, there is not any singing on it, so you won’t hear White’s voice, or his seminal guitar work. Also, the song as released is over a minute long, and TV theme songs don’t run that long these days, so if you want to hear the song in its entirety, this may be your only chance. You likely won’t hear it on TV.

(Via Spin)